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Great Capitals

Avexperience gives you the chance to visit the major Spanish cities: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Valencia.

World Heritage

Spain is a country that has a greater number of recognitions of its historical heritage.

City of Art

A key part of the Roman Empire, the only country in Europe to have shared eight centuries with the Arab world, the first to discover America...

Cities of Wine

In Spain, the wine is culture. In fact, we are the country with the largest area cultivated wine in the world.

Spain in flavors

One of the greatest works of art of Spain is its gastronomy. Delicious, healthy and simple, thus is our cuisine.

Sun and Sea

Spain is the country of sun and sea. From the North to the South, the Spanish coast offers thousands of locales where you can have fun.

Secrets of Spain

Beyond the big cities of Spain there is a set of places to know, spaces full of charm to be discovered.

Geographical regions

Spain boasts a vast historical, cultural, and gastronomical heritage. Here, each traveler can feel at home and can always find the best possible way to have a great trip.